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Electricity North West
Case study

Electricity North West

We helped Electricity North West gain an understanding of the UK policy context relating to fuel-poor and vulnerable customers.


Distribution network operators have an important role to play in helping vulnerable customers. Electricity North West wanted to maximise their role in identifying and supporting customers who may need additional support during a power cut. They contacted us to gain an understanding of the UK policy context relating to fuel-poor and vulnerable customers and to identify opportunities to increase their support.


Utilising our UK-wide position and engagement with the UK Government and devolved administrations, we have a detailed understanding of energy policy context. Coupled with our experience of energy advice and customer engagement, we have a comprehensive knowledge of customer motivations and behaviour change techniques.


We provided comprehensive insight and analysis on fuel poverty policies and support programmes available to vulnerable customers across the UK. We linked this policy context with geo-spatial analysis of socio-demographics to provide insight into the nature of fuel poverty in different areas across the North West. We also worked with Electricity North West to identify the capabilities of the organisation and its potential to develop new services to ensure our recommendations where achievable and fit for purpose.


We provided Electricity North West with the policy context, data and insight to formulate short, medium and long-term approaches to delivering customer support programmes. The company is now developing an advice service with energy saving, supplier switching and benefit entitlement checks targeted at vulnerable customers.

Last updated: 7 May 2024