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Energy Storage Showcase
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Energy Storage Showcase

The sustainable energy supply chain programme holds many events, which bring together key figures from the energy efficiency and renewables markets.

This programme is funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by Energy Saving Trust.

One such event was Scotland’s first Energy Storage Showcase, held on 3 March 2016 at West College Scotland (WCS). The showcase was organised in partnership with both the college and the Energy Skills Partnership (ESP), and brought together over 100 industry specialists, suppliers and contractors.

The Energy Storage Showcase gave delegates a unique opportunity to gain expert insight into the latest developments in domestic storage technologies, and to share insight and experience. Keynote presentations covered key considerations and technical guidance on energy storage technologies, as well as presenting attendees with valuable information on the potential UK market.

Energy storage is a growing market as Andrew Fogarty, head of engineering at WCS, explained at the event.

“Energy storage is very much a future technology that is here now, and we anticipate the next few years to be a coming of age era for efficient, affordable and clean energy storage. With reductions in subsidies, energy storage is in many ways the ‘missing link’ for solar PV, and we look forward to working with Energy Saving Trust to help develop the supply chain in this field.”

Alongside the presentations, breakout sessions allowed delegates to get to grips with the latest developments in the technology, with demonstrations from industry leaders such as Sunamp, Fronius and Solar Edge.

The feedback from the event was remarkably positive, from speakers and delegates alike. Steve Pester is principal consultant at BRE National Solar Centre based in the Eden Project, and is also one of the lead contributors to the new IET Code of Practice for Grid Connected Solar Photo-voltaic Systems. He said:

“Energy Saving Trust and WCS collaborated to stage a superb event explaining in detail the technology and benefits of energy storage systems.”

Ian Cuthbert, sustainable energy supply chain programme manager at Energy Saving Trust, left the event feeling positive about the future of energy storage in Scotland. He said:

“Energy storage is no longer a pipe dream for the future, it is happening here and now with products available now for householders. There’s a real opportunity here for Scotland to lead the way on energy storage, and that’s why we held this event for the industry, with funding from the Scottish Government.”

Ian is confident that this event will have an impact on the industry, both now and in the future.

“Following the event, 80% of attendees said they wanted to get involved with the energy storage market, which is really encouraging. It’s also great that there is now a legacy from the event with a number of energy storage technologies now having a permanent home at WCS. These technologies will be put to good use by the College to ensure that apprentice electricians, plumbers and other trades have a good knowledge and understanding of energy storage technologies.”

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Last updated: 28 October 2020