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Ride Clean
Case study

Ride Clean

The company was created in 2017 to deliver clean bikes for clean travel, offering its services to offices, cycling hubs, cafes and houses.

Ride Clean is a mobile bike cleaning and maintenance service operating in London, delivering its services to offices, cycling hubs, cafes and houses.

The company was created in 2017, designed around using cargo bikes as the main form of transport. Initially, mechanical bikes were used to test the viability of the business. Having used these for four months, the organisation made the transition to ebikes to increase reach and efficiency.

Ride Clean and the eCargo Bike Grant Fund

Founder Katy Miller knew that she wanted bikes to be at the heart of the business. Before accessing the grant fund, Ride Clean had previously invested in one ecargo bike, and through receiving funding from the eCargo Bike Grant Fund, they were able to expand their fleet.

Riders needed to be able to carry the necessary cleaning and maintenance tools, as well as travel across London without the burden of parking, congestion charges and Ultra Low Emission Zone charges. eCargo Bikes were the perfect solution as they have the added capacity to carry equipment, an electric motor to assist riders and are exempt from emission zone and congestion charges.

The key message received by small businesses, Miller believes, is that there is financial support available for businesses looking to invest in green technology. eCargo bikes will give Ride Clean a greater geographical range to operate within and continue to do their work successfully.

"Ride Clean is a bicycle business, run from ecargo bikes: we save time, money and provide our employees with the opportunity to stay healthy while travelling to jobs." Katy Miller Founder of Ride Clean

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Last updated: 10 February 2021