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Home insulation

Home insulation plays a key role in keeping your home warm, dry and cosy. Not only does it reduce heat loss, it can make your home less prone to damp and condensation too.

Here’s what you need to know:

Loft Insulation

There is a wide choice of installation methods to suit different property styles and roof types. Installing 270mm of loft insulation could save up to £270 a year.

Draught proofing

Your home needs ventilation to reduce the risk of condensation and damp, but unwanted ventilation from draughts wastes heat and makes your home feel less comfortable. It’s worth tackling those draughts – you’ll even chop £45 a year off your energy bills from draught proofing windows and doors. 

Wall insulation

Different walls need different insulation, but wall insulation is well worth doing if your home feels cold. Installing cavity wall insulation can save around £280 a year. Solid wall insulation saves around £380 a year.

Floor insulation

Insulating under floorboards on the ground floor could save around £80 a year.

Quick wins

  • Close your curtains at dusk to keep heat in.
  • Insulate exposed hot water pipes (and your hot water tank if you have one) to heat water more efficiently.
  • Prevent heat loss through unused fireplaces by installing a chimney balloon draught excluder.

Download our Home insulation PDF.

Savings based on a typical three-bedroom semi-detached gas heated house, with an 88% efficient gas boiler and average gas tariff of 7p/kWh and electricity tariff of 29p/kWh. Correct as of January 2024.


Last updated: 7 February 2024