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Press Release 5 August 2020 Updated 29 October 2020

Climate Emergency Response Group response to Scottish Government priority for green economy

The Climate Emergency Response Group, a group of civic and business leaders, welcomed the Scottish Government’s priority for a green economy in its response to the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery today [1].

Speaking for the group, Teresa Bray, Chief Executive of Changeworks said:

“We welcome and agree with the Scottish Government’s statement that there is “no choice but to focus on decarbonising and greening our economy” and that Scotland’s recovery will be an environmentally sustainable and green recovery, with a strong commitment to a just transition to net-zero by 2045.”

“We also welcome the specific proposals for a ‘greener future’ – for example promoting renewable energy, woodland creation, and leading with public procurement to build home grown low carbon supply chains. We look forward to seeing firm policy and budget commitments to realise these intentions in the forthcoming Programme for Government, Infrastructure Investment Plan and updated Climate Change Plan.”

The Climate Emergency Response Group published an eight point plan for Scotland’s green recovery on 13 July, setting out the practical solutions that the Scottish Government should implement now, in order to capitalize on jobs, health and wellbeing opportunities while responding to the climate emergency – an emergency that has not gone away. [2]


Contact:  Elizabeth Leighton, Secretariat, CERG



Last updated: 29 October 2020