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Exploring your options

Part one of the Greener Heating Guide

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If you’re planning a new heating system, it’s always good to shop around and find out what’s going to work best for you and your property.

To reach net zero we’ll need to phase out oil and gas heating systems to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, replacing them with renewable, low carbon technologies.

The good news is there are now more low carbon heating options than ever before, and they’re becoming more and more affordable all the time.

The most popular renewable heating options are air source and ground source heat pumps and biomass. Solar water heating is also a good option if you’re just looking to upgrade your hot water system.

If you’re not quite ready to go for renewables, installing a modern energy efficient boiler with appropriate heating controls is still a good thing to do. You won’t save as much carbon, but you should use less energy through having a more efficient system. Explore the options below.

Choose the most efficient model

Whichever heating system you decide on, it makes sense to choose the most efficient model. This will use less energy to run, saving you money on your bills as well as reducing your environmental impact. Topten UK brings together the most energy efficient products on the market, including heat pumps, biomass boilers and other home appliances.

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Take control of your heating system

If replacing your whole system isn’t an option right now, how about installing heating controls? The right controls will let you keep your home at a comfortable temperature without wasting fuel or heat.

If you have a gas, oil or LPG central heating system, your full set of controls should ideally include a timer or programmer, a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves.

If you have an electric storage heating and hot water system, read our guide on electric heating systems for information about suitable controls.

You can upgrade or install heating controls without replacing your boiler, and it’s a particularly good idea to think about this if your controls are more than 14 years old.

Take control today

Last updated: 20 December 2023