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News 22 November 2022

COP27: our closing statement

When COP27 started, we said it was a vital opportunity to transform words into actions when it came to addressing the climate emergency. Now that COP27 has ended, we reflect on what was agreed.

Mike Thornton, chief executive at Energy Saving Trust, said:

“COP27 was hailed as the conference of implementation but the lack of action and limited progress made by global leaders did not really live up to this.   

“There were some positive steps taken. The launch of the Accelerating to Zero Coalition is a key outcome for transport and we are encouraged by the impact of the Zero Emission Vehicles Declaration already being realised. The coalition is a united effort in enabling the transition to low carbon transport, although significant work remains to be done in this space.  

“However, global efforts to limit climate change to 1.5C need stronger plans to phase out reliance on fossil fuels – but COP27 has not delivered here. Scaling up renewable energy, in particular wind and solar, to meet our needs on a global scale and rapidly reduce emissions, should be the priority. Furthermore, we need continued investment in research and innovation to enable the development and roll out of low carbon solutions for off and weak-grid communities in developing countries. This will avoid increasing emissions while working towards a just transition.  

“The focus on not allowing geopolitical issues to de-prioritise action on the climate emergency is correct. However, as the warnings of irreversible climate change turn into reality, every day counts and we need a strong and continuing focus on effective action over the next 12 months.”

Last updated: 22 November 2022