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News 20 February 2019 Updated 4 November 2020

Electric car match maker to boost second hand EVs

Energy Saving Trust has developed an innovative web-based tool to allow motorists an instant insight into how much a second hand electric car will save them in running costs thanks to its new ‘Used Electric Vehicle (EV) Calculator’.

The calculator from Energy Saving Trust will bring benefits to potential car buyers by enabling them to compare their current car’s fuel and road tax costs with the second hand electric car of their choice, with calculations based on the user’s current car and the number of miles they normally drive. Potential savings amount to thousands of pounds with electric vehicles costing one quarter of the cost to run compared to a petrol or diesel fuelled vehicle. The tool will also estimate the annual CO2 saving generated.

An example of this is that a driver doing 7,500 miles a year– the national average mileage – could save around £820 a year on fuel and tax by driving a fully-electric Nissan LEAF, compared to a medium-sized petrol car (assuming a petrol price of £1.17 per litre). Second-hand, electric cars are also cheaper to purchase.

Additionally, the tool calculates savings on Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) or “road tax”, for vehicles registered between 1 March 2001 and 1 April 2017 meaning the potential buyer has a full overview of costs including fuel savings before making any further decisions. Motorists can also select a specific car if they’re interested in buying a particular model.

The EV calculator also asks the potential EV buyer about traffic charging zones, such as London’s Congestion Charge Zone.

Matthew Eastwood, head of transport at Energy Saving Trust, said: “As electric vehicles become commonplace, we’re going to see more and more of them appearing on the second hand market, making ownership ever more accessible and affordable.

“This web based tool signposts to further information as well as demonstrating the significant savings these cars can offer and, as this is still a new way of driving for many, having access to this information should inform and hopefully encourage more people than ever understand the real value of moving to an electric vehicle in the future.”

Mr Eastwood added: “Energy Saving Trust estimates that 27,000 electric cars entered the used car market in 2018. The purchase price of a used EV is less than that of a comparable used petrol or diesel vehicle and public charging infrastructure is expanding all the time. It’s also straightforward and cost effective to install a chargepoint at home in a driveway or garage making it a convenient option.”

Energy Saving Trust offers a suite of helpful advice on electric and hybrid vehicles including animations explaining the technologies available.

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Last updated: 4 November 2020