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News 13 July 2022

Energy has never been so important

Neil Sachdev, chair, Energy Saving Trust board

When we think about the cost of living crisis that many households face today, particularly at the lower end of the earnings scale, it’s clear that energy use is both a cause and effect of a fundamental shift in the way we live. We can take nothing about energy for granted any more.

Having long been linked to affordability, energy has also more recently become absolutely entwined with sustainability and, of course, with carbon emissions. Today, given the energy price volatility we see, this is increasingly being accompanied by concern about the price and economic impacts of energy. 

And then there is energy security for Europe – as a country and continent we must become less dependent on certain suppliers for their fossil fuels.

As I prepare to step down from my post as chair of Energy Saving Trust, I am truly proud of the work we’re doing to support people up and down the country in the face of current and impending energy price pressures.

To be able to heat their homes properly, or to run a bath, or to put good food on the table because we’ve helped them cut their energy bills – to me this is an affirmation of our shared humanity.

At Energy Saving Trust we know our work needs to keep moving up a gear. I see even greater demand for our services as energy matters more and more to us all.  However, we are very well placed today to meet the challenge with a strong team doing great work.

That is why I say to government – trust us to do more. We know that whenever we talk to our customers or visit their homes we not only help them save energy and money – we also improve their health and contribute to the country’s energy security – all key policy goals for government.

Lastly, I want to pay tribute to the work of our charitable Foundation, which promotes energy efficiency and sustainable energy use in the field of education. Children feel the impact of the energy crisis and care about the future of our planet. If we can support them at home and in school, how much more might they achieve? That’s the level of vision we need. Our young people are the climate keyholders. The future is in their hands.

Neil was chair of the board from April 2019 to July 2022.

Last updated: 13 July 2022