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Business charge point funding

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Please note that this page contains information and links most relevant for people living in Scotland.

What funding is available for my organisation to install a charge point?

In order to support the uptake of electric vehicles across Scotland, Transport Scotland has made grant funding available to help organisations install electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure on their premises. Funding is currently available for charge points for sole use by occupiers, staff and visitors.

EV Infrastructure – Business Charge Point Funding

Organisations may be eligible for grant support if they meet any, or a combination, of the following criteria:

  • Currently operate plug-in vehicles
  • Employ staff who currently operate plug-in vehicles and would benefit from charging at work
  • If no vehicles are currently owned, can confirm future EV ownership or high levels of charge point usage from other sources, e.g. visitors or residents.  Please note that we will require further logistical details at a later stage in the application process.

Energy Saving Trust will make a decision on the appropriate level of infrastructure to fund by assessing your request against the information provided within your application form. We will only be able to fund a charge point if there is a clear case to do so.

If you are interested in the EV Infrastructure – Business Charge Point Funding above, please send a completed copy of the application form alongside your preferred quotation from one of our approved installers to [email protected].

As the grant only covers part of the cost, it is recommended that you source multiple quotes to obtain a competitive price. Please note, you only need to supply us with your preferred quote. Further details are available on the application form.

Energy Saving Trust is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This fund is subject to availability and terms and conditions apply.

Guidance on our processes

Please refer to the below flow chart for a detailed visualisation of our application process:

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