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News 30 January 2020 Updated 30 October 2020

Mayor of London announces measures to accelerate move to cleaner vehicles

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In a move to tackle polluted air across the capital, the Mayor of London has announced plans to double payments for his van scrappage scheme to £7,000, with £9,500 now available to those deciding to switch from non-ULEZ-compliant to electric vans.

The Mayor has also announced that he is broadening the eligibility for the van scrappage scheme, allowing more businesses to benefit. Previously only firms with fewer than 10 employees, defined as micro businesses, were eligible. Now small businesses, those with 50 or fewer employees, are also eligible for the scheme. Additionally, the number of trips that drivers need to have taken into the Congestion Charge Zone in the last 6 months to be eligible has been reduced from 52 to 26 trips.

To further support businesses to prepare for the Ultra Low Emission Zone, as well as to improve air quality on local high streets, the Mayor has announced a further £1.75 million in London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP) funding to deliver six more business-led Low Emission Neighbourhoods.

Read the full press release to find out more.

You can also read Energy Saving Trust’s guide to electric vehicles.

Last updated: 30 October 2020