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News 24 September 2020 Updated 28 October 2020

New Zap-Map service unveiled for EV drivers

A brand new in-app payment service called Zap-Pay has been unveiled by Zap-Map to make charging an electric vehicle (EV) a simpler experience for EV owners. The new tool called Zap-Pay will allow EV drivers to search for chargepoints and pay for charging, all in one app.

In the UK, most charging networks require individual sign-ups, which means that EV owners have to use multiple apps and cards to pay for charging.

Zap-Pay will be launched across UK networks in 2021 in an effort to address the lack of simple access to different chargepoints.

Transport Minister, Rachel Maclean, said: “It should be as easy for drivers to charge their vehicles at public charge points as it is to pay for petrol or diesel.

“As the EV market continues to go from strength to strength, journey planning and paying with one app or membership card must also follow – Zap-Pay will help do just that, propelling us towards cleaner towns and cities and a zero emission future.”

Visit Zap-Map’s website to find out more.

Last updated: 28 October 2020