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News 13 January 2023

Our response to the net zero review

In response to today’s publication of MP Chris Skidmore’s net zero review, Mike Thornton, chief executive at Energy Saving Trust, said:

“Energy Saving Trust welcomes the extensive recommendations in the independent net zero review. The review provides a clear set of actions to take in the short term to ensure we meet this vital target for tackling climate change – it must be taken seriously.

“The review rightly recognises the need to act quickly and that the benefits of delivering on net zero clearly outweigh the cost, presenting important opportunities for jobs and growth. The robust recommendations reiterate calls that a wide cross section of industry has been making for some time and shouldn’t come as a surprise to government.

“Delivering energy efficient buildings, the electrification of heat and the shift towards renewable energy sources are all vital for decarbonising our homes and businesses, boosting energy security and growing the UK economy. To drive change and make this happen, the review calls for long term planning, ambitious minimum standards and clear, impartial advice and support. The review also sets out important and realistic timescales for improving the energy efficiency of homes – both new and existing – and a more ambitious phase out date for gas boilers to make way for the widespread adoption of heat pumps.

“The conclusion that the net zero transition represents a major economic opportunity for the UK and all in society, is historic. Now the UK Government has another opportunity, robustly supported by this review, to turn ambition into delivery, not least by making more progress on its own net zero strategy.”

Last updated: 13 January 2023