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News 13 July 2022

Our strategic outlook is focused on growth

Our strategy for the year ahead recognises and addresses several interlinked priorities in a rapidly changing environment for energy. Not only is the climate emergency deepening all around us – we also face intensifying pressures caused by rising energy prices and fuel poverty levels.

We have to go faster wherever we can in order to keep up with the growing demands of our mission and as government, media and the public focus increasingly on the energy crisis, a vital opportunity exists for Energy Saving Trust to grow our impact and help more people than ever by doing more of what we do best. We are working hard to seize this opportunity.

Electrification of heat and particularly widespread adoption of heat pumps are among the most pressing challenges for net zero. So we are providing more and more information and support in this key area to take the public with us on the journey.

Through our growing joint venture company, Warmworks, Energy Saving Trust is bringing greener heat and improved insulation to ever more homes in Scotland and, increasingly, England.

And with an increase in funding from the Scottish Government, we’re expanding the Home Energy Scotland advice network to reach even more customers, as ever greater numbers of people seek help with their energy costs.

Our people and their expertise and enthusiasm are our key strength and to grow we will need more of them.  We recognise that in a tight labour market we must stand out clearly from the crowd if we’re to attract the brightest and best and here we believe our mission and our ambition are huge assets. If you want to make a real difference to net zero, we’re saying, then come and do it with us.

Across all our strategic priorities the shared driver is change. As the climate emergency deepens and fuel bills soar, we’ll all have to adapt to new ways of doing and being. Meaningful change requires its own enabling infrastructure and Energy Saving Trust is out in front, laying the track.

Last updated: 13 July 2022