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HACKS (Heating and cooling know-how and solutions)


The HACKS project aims to motivate people to replace old and inefficient heating and cooling equipment with new energy efficient appliances.

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Please note that this page contains information and links most relevant for people living in England, International, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales.

**This project finished on the 28th February 2023**

HACKS is an EU-funded project which aims to motivate people to replace old and inefficient heating and cooling equipment with new energy-efficient appliances, using the advice and product information from the TopTen Network.

The project’s main objective is to encourage the development and adoption of solutions that consume less fuel, lower energy bills and improve users’ comfort and health. To achieve this, HACKS works with all relevant stakeholders that participate in a consumer’s decision-making process (placing a strong emphasis on installers, retailers and consumer organisations) to promote the switch to energy-efficient heating and cooling appliances and systems.

Across the EU, almost half of all buildings have individual boilers that were installed before 1992 with efficiency of 60% or less. The expected energy savings of a speedy replacement are immense.

Expected impact over three years (2019-22)

  • primary savings triggered by the project: 1.125 GWh
  • reduction of greenhouse gases: 225,000 tCO2
  • over 55,000 involved consumers
  • increase domestic uptake of energy efficiency products and services: over 315,000 products sold

Energy Saving Trust is part of a consortium of 17 HACKS partners in 15 countries, working together thanks to the financial support of the European Horizon 2020 programme.

In addition to the management of all aspects of UK-specific communications and engagement activities, Energy Saving Trust is task leader. This means we facilitate the development of national media campaigns for consumers and manufacturers / retailers across Europe, as well as for the delivery of in-depth market analysis and recommendations of business models, which would allow the work, activities and schemes taking place during the project to continue after the project finishes in 2022.

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HACKS calculator

The HACKS calculator reviews the current energy set up at your home and provides solutions to make your home more energy efficient. Answer a series of questions about the energy set up at your home to find the best solutions for you.

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Last updated: 30 August 2023