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Report 31 October 2015

Energy Saving Trust response to the public consultation on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Energy Saving Trust is the leading, impartial sustainable energy organisation. We work on behalf of governments and businesses across the UK providing services in the area of data, assurance, consumer engagement, advice, grant and loan administration.

For DECC EST delivers the telephone-based Energy Saving Advice Service in England and Wales. We also undertake other research and awareness-raising work for DECC on a project-by-project basis. Prior to the coalition government, for over 15 years, Energy Saving Trust ran national energy advice services for DECC and predecessor departments as a grant-funded organisation.

In Scotland Energy Saving Trust is the principal delivery partner of the Scottish Government for home energy efficiency. We run comprehensive local and national advice and support programmes.

The Energy Saving Trust Foundation supports the development of a strong and vibrant community energy sector in the UK through research and support projects.

Public engagement on energy is at the heart of our work. In total each year Energy Saving Trust handles just over half a million energy efficiency advice calls on behalf of UK and Scottish governments. We have 5 million visitors annually to our website and reach 80% of the UK population through the media.

Last updated: 19 November 2020