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Report 21 December 2014

Fuel cards: a guide for fleet managers

It is crucial for fleets to monitor fuel purchases in order to manage and control fuel consumption. Fuel cards can provide good quality data on fuel purchases, helping you to monitor individual vehicle and driver fuel economy, and implement effective strategies to improve performance.

Fuel accounting can be facilitated by methods such as credit card or petty cash. However, they can be time consuming and not provide the requisite level of control. Fuel cards offer potential benefits for fleets in five areas:

1. Reduce costs of fuel purchases.
2. Allow you to accurately separate the costs of business and private mileage.
3. Provide information which allows you to reduce fuel consumption.
4. Reduce security risk.
5. Minimise administration and ensure fuel accountability.

This guide, published by Energy Saving Trust, will explain these benefits and help you to make an informed decision about fuel cards for your organisation.

Last updated: 15 June 2023