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Report 29 May 2019

Lowering van emissions and costs

This guide will help you operate vans in a cost-efficient, sustainable way. It offers straightforward advice to help you choose the best vans for your needs, considering the fuel type, fuel economy, size and payload requirements, all of which influence Whole Life Costs and emissions.

The number of models and capabilities of electric vans are continually improving and could be a practical, cost-effective addition to your fleet. These vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions and city-based fleets may especially benefit if they regularly enter charging zones, or will do in the near future, such as the London Congestion Charge Zone, the London Ultra Low Emission Zone and, Clean Air Zones.

This guide also suggests ways to improve fuel efficiency, for example by changing driving styles, and approaches to minimise mileage, for example through route planning software or telematics.

Before making any improvements, it is recommended that you establish your fleet’s current performance, including average mpg, mileage and carbon dioxide emissions. This baseline data will help you and your drivers see the results of your efforts and make the case for further investment within your organisation.

Last updated: 19 November 2020