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Business charge point funding

What funding is available for my organisation to install a charge point?

In order to support the uptake of electric vehicles across Scotland, Transport Scotland has made grant funding available to help organisations to install electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure on their premises. Funding is available for organisations to host either charge points that are available 24/7 for use by the general public or for sole use by the organisation’s fleet, staff and visitors. Your organisation may apply for one or both of these two options, if eligible.

Please note that for both funding streams grants are offered on a first come, first served basis and subject to availability. 


Non-Public Workplace Charge Point funding

Organisations may be eligible for grant support if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

Currently operate ULEVs or have provable, firm plans to introduce ULEVs in the near future (e.g. vehicle order forms)
Employ staff who drive ULEVs and would benefit from charging at work

If an application is approved, funding will be offered on the below basis:

  • 1x dual outlet charge point per 2x Pure EVs (company-owned)
  • 1x dual outlet charge point per 6x Plug-in Hybrids (company-owned)
  • 1x dual outlet charge point per 5 x staff-owned ULEVs (there is no distinction between PHEVs and EVs here).

Where the organisation demonstrates a combination of vehicles from the above list, we will make a reasonable decision regarding how many charge points to fund. Where the organisation has only one plug-in vehicle (PHEV or EV), we will be able to fund a charge point if there is a clear case to do so. Please note, you will be required to send us proof of purchase or lease for your plug-in vehicles.

Going forward, we anticipate all charge points funded under the Workplace Charging Scheme will be required to connect to the ChargePlace Scotland back office for data capture purposes by Transport Scotland, although these will not be visible on the ChargePlace Scotland map. However, this requirement is not yet in place and installers and applicants will be notified when a date has been agreed for implementation.

If you are interested in the Non-Public Workplace Charge Point Funding above, please submit a completed copy of this application form, along with proof of purchase, lease or order for all vehicles. Further details on the application process are available on the form.


Public Charge Point funding

This grant is focused on ‘destination charging’ at locations that are likely to see high usage by EV drivers or will help address gaps in the ChargePlace Scotland network.

Organisations may be eligible for grant support if they meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • the proposed location receives visitors on a daily basis
  • visitors spend on average more than an hour at the proposed location
  • there is no charging infrastructure within 5 miles of the proposed location.

If successful with their application, organisations are permitted to introduce a tariff to the charge point. Guidance on this will be provided by Energy Saving Trust.

For more information on the application criteria, funding available and application process, please download a copy of the application form.


Guidance on our processes

Please refer to the below flow chart for a detailed visualisation of our application process: