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Energy efficiency and sustainability training

Employee engagement

From strategic consulting to training energy champions, Energy Saving Trust has a wide range of services that can help your employees be more energy efficient and lead a more sustainable lifestyle at work and home.

Engaging staff with internal processes to save energy and reduce carbon emissions is a key step towards hitting your sustainability targets. You can also support employees opting for flexible and remote working, who may have concerns about increased energy bills.

The majority of UK consumers look for sustainable and credible businesses to engage with, so it’s important to encourage your employees to lead sustainable lifestyles at work and at home. This can help your organisation enhance its brand image to both customers and employees.

  • Sustainable working workshops – We offer a variety of workshops and training sessions to help your employees learn about energy efficiency at home and work. These training options can be adapted to meet the requirements of your organisation, equipping colleagues with the knowledge needed to create a culture of sustainable behaviour in the workplace.
  • Internal energy saving communications – We can provide a year-long plan of fresh energy saving messaging for your internal communication channels. This includes tailored content and information that can be used in employee newsletters, FAQs, leaflets and on websites.
  • Infact factsheet – You can support the wellbeing of your employees working from home by providing them with verified energy saving facts and tips that can be implemented at home with our homeworking factsheet.
  • Energy champion support – Having an energy champion or sustainability working group can help drive behaviour change from within. We offer the knowledge and skills needed to engage colleagues and create a culture of sustainable behaviour within the workplace via online workshops. Trained energy champions can help staff adopt more sustainable travel methods (such as electric vehicles, cycling and car sharing), working practices (such as online meetings, energy efficiency and sustainable procurement) and lifestyles (such as saving energy at home).
  • Smarter driver training – Reduce employee and corporate transport costs by introducing staff to smarter ecodriving techniques, electric vehicles, active travel such as cycling and ebikes, public transport and car-sharing ideas.
  • Sustainable strategic consultancy – We can design a bespoke behaviour change strategy that will encourage your employees to make sustainable choices that will have a lasting positive impact on your business. This can include interactive sessions, drop-in talks and plans that can be integrated into your own business strategies. We can also evaluate the performance and impact of your employee engagement programme.

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Why work with Energy Saving Trust?

At Energy Saving Trust we make it our business to understand how consumers use energy by leveraging over 25 years’ experience of motivating action and inspiring behaviour change.

We continually update our facts and figures, and develop new insights into energy use, attitudes and behaviours, backed up by authoritative research, evidence and compelling analysis, allowing us to impart our expertise to your employees through tried and tested training solutions.

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Last updated: 4 April 2022