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Please note that this page contains information and links most relevant for people living in England, Scotland, Wales.

Finding the most suitable homes for your product or service can often be a strain on time and resources. Home Analytics is a quick and efficient way to help you understand a particular housing stock, allowing you to focus on targeting your energy saving products and services effectively.

Home Analytics for Local Authorities and Businesses

Home Analytics has been used by governments, local authorities, housing associations and commercial businesses to assist them in developing, targeting and delivering their schemes, programmes and products.


  •  unrivalled insights – modelled across multiple data sets that have been carefully updated for over a decade
  •  flexible solution – we can deliver property characteristics from specific address level detail to the whole of Great Britain, pre-filtered to suit your business objectives and targets
  • ability to model characteristics such as:
    • wall type
    • main fuel supply
    • boiler type
    • suitability for renewable energy solutions
    • property tenure and age
    • fuel poverty indicators
    • eligibility for grants

How Home Analytics can help you?

Home Analytics allows you to focus targeting strategies and campaigns, ensuring that you reach the most suitable householders with your energy saving products or services.

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For local authorities or housing associations

Home Analytics is currently being used by local authorities to support climate emergency and carbon reduction plans. Home Analytics is also a perfect way to identify which homes are eligible for Green Homes Grants to get crucial support to residents who need it most.

Basing your strategy off the energy characteristics of homes within your region, such as insulation type, property age and boiler type will allow you to make the best impact with your grants.

  • save time and resources understanding your local housing stock
  • support households based on actual home energy characteristics
  • plan for improving the energy efficiency, EPC and SAP scores of homes
  • identify potential for low carbon retrofitting
  • higher resident engagement based on their energy issues
  • identify homes most likely to be suitable for funding incentives, such as the Green Homes Grant

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For commercial businesses

Visibility of key housing stock characteristics can accelerate your new business acquisition strategies, increase return on investment and focus the targeting for your product or service.

  • focused targeting for your product or service
  • save time and money identifying your ideal market
  • improve customer engagement and loyalty by tailoring the customer experience to their environment
  • strategise for new products and services, targeting areas to help your business grow
  • more impact and sales through tailored customer engagement plans
  • identify homes most likely to be suitable for funding incentives, such as the Green Homes Grant

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Home Analytics Scotland

Home Analytics Scotland provides essential data on the Scottish housing stock. This data is provided down to the address level and is available to the Scottish Government and local authorities to assist them in developing, targeting and delivering policies, schemes and programmes designed to improve energy efficiency, install renewable technologies and alleviate fuel poverty.

The core datasets that make up Home Analytics Scotland are:

  • Energy Performance Certificate data
  • Home Energy Efficiency Database (HEED) data
  • Energy Saving Trust Home Energy Check (HEC) data
  • Ordnance Survey AddressBase, MasterMap Topography layer and StreetMap data
  • Scotland Gas Networks data
  • Scottish Census data
  • Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) data

Home Analytics Scotland contains elements of HEED but is designed to provide a more comprehensive profile of the housing stock, taking into account every address and systematically accounting for skews and biases in the underlying datasets.

Who can access Home Analytics Scotland datasets?

Home Analytics Scotland can be accessed by individuals from any of the following organisations engaged in activities related to the energy efficiency of Scotland’s housing stock:

  • central and local government
  • registered social landlords (RSLs)
  • organisations contracted by any of the above to carry out domestic energy efficiency related projects (provided that an individual from the contracting organisation requests the account on behalf of the commercial organisation)

Because of the restrictions outlined in the agreements for obtaining the data, access to Home Analytics Scotland is not available to:

  • individuals from commercial organisations
  • individuals from organisations intending to use this data for anything other than activities related to the assessment and improvement of the energy efficiency of the Scottish housing stock

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How do I access Home Analytics Scotland datasets?

Home Analytics Scotland is accessed securely through the Local Homes Portal. The Local Homes Portal represents a centralised data hub for Home Analytics, HEED and EPC data that is designed to be accessed by a variety of users (eg householders, local authority users, supply chain users, etc). In order to access Home Analytics data, users need to login to the portal.

Home Analytics Scotland users can have two levels of portal access:

  • reporting access (can download Excel reports and run aggregated or address-level queries)
  • GIS access (reporting access plus use of the ArcGIS Online mapping tool)

Prospective users of Home Analytics Scotland are required to sign a data sharing agreement with Energy Saving Trust before access is granted. The recipient is then responsible for ensuring that use of the data complies with the terms of the data sharing agreement, which reflects the restrictions placed on use of the underlying datasets.

For more information, please contact the Local Homes Portal team.

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