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Information and analysis

Location notice

Please note that this page contains information and links most relevant for people living in Scotland.

Our data is available for local authorities to access and will help you to identify areas with potential for future funding.

Increasingly, installation of energy efficiency measures in housing stock is dependent on identifying areas and households whose homes can take a measure and are eligible for the various funding schemes available.

To assist local authorities, the Scottish Government – via Energy Saving Trust – provides a free information and analysis resource to maximise use of Energy Saving Trust’s data, knowledge and skills in this identification task.

Dataset analysis services

Drawing on various sources, Energy Saving Trust can construct custom datasets identifying geographical areas with high measures potential, for use by Scottish local authorities in support of their HEEPS:ABS or other programmes.

Bespoke HEED reports can be provided aggregated to Census Output Area (COA) level or greater, and Home Analytics reports and GIS maps are available at address level.

Intervention targeting

HEED is a database of recorded activity which provides information on work which has been completed in the housing stock. However, HEED does not make any attempt to model the rest of the housing stock, limiting its ability to enable the targeting of future interventions.

Energy Saving Trust therefore developed Home Analytics, a statistically modelled profile of Scottish housing stock, to provide a picture of all homes and their likely property characteristics, energy efficiency potential, renewable energy potential and householder demographics/eligibility.

The analysis uses data from:

  • the EPC Register
  • HEED
  • other relevant datasets, such as the Scottish House Condition survey and Index of Multiple Deprivation
  • datasets from other partners.

This is coupled with several statistical and geospatial modelling techniques to predict the characteristics of every home in an area at address level.

The model allows assessment of the numbers and location, down to address level, of potential opportunities for retrofit and to target interventions effectively. It is designed to assist local authorities to take maximum advantage of opportunities presented by HEEPS:ABS, ECO, the Green Deal, and renewables funding schemes.

How to access support

Local authorities wishing to discuss their energy efficiency information needs can contact David Campbell, information manager at Energy Saving Trust on 0131 555 9142 or email [email protected]