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Buying a fuel efficient vehicle

When buying a new or used car, choosing an efficient vehicle doesn’t mean compromising on style or features.

There can be large variations in the level of carbon dioxide emitted by cars within the same market category, and even by the same model of a car registered in different years.

The handy search tool below allows you to compare the energy efficiency of new and used cars registered since 2001. You can search either by the size of car, or by a particular make and model.

For each car the results will show the:

  • amount of carbon dioxide the car emits in grams of carbon per kilometre. The lower the emissions, the lower the vehicle road tax (VED). Find current VED tax rates
  • miles per gallon (MPG) – number of miles the car will travel on a single gallon of fuel
  • fuel cost (p/mile) – the lower the figure in this column the more economical the car will be
  • type of fuel used by the car
  • price new on the road (OTR)

Click on the appropriate tab to switch between searching by vehicle size or by make and model. Then select your option from the drop down list.

Note: if viewing on a mobile device please swipe left to see the full table.

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Last updated: 12 July 2022