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Low carbon travel

Electric motorbikes, mopeds and microcars

Using a zero emission powered light vehicle

What are zero emission powered light vehicles (zePLVs)?

Electric motorbikes, mopeds and micro cars, also known as zero emission powered light vehicles (zePLVs), are a great alternative to petrol, diesel or electric cars.

They’re small, lightweight, energy efficient and completely electric. And they’re more powerful than ebikes with pedals.  

Having a zePLV can be great for commuting or running errands. They work well in cities, as well as rural areas where public transport is limited, and are much cheaper to run compared to an average sized petrol, diesel or electric car. 

Different types of zePLVs

There are different types of zePLVs that you can get, from electric mopeds to micro cars.

They’re split into seven groups, known as L-categories. These categories are defined by power output (the electric equivalent of horsepower, which is the power of an engine), number of wheels and maximum weight they can carry.  

The guide below will help you find out which could work best for you. 


Last updated: 16 May 2023