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Blog Post 26 May 2021

Washing machines, fridges and net zero: what’s the connection?

Did you know that every time you switch off standby or wash at 30 degrees, this avoids harmful emissions being released in the form of carbon dioxide?

Some of the energy used to power our home appliances (in the form of electricity) comes from burning fossil fuels, which releases emissions of carbon dioxide. When we release too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, this causes climate change.

By making small changes to how we use our home appliances, we can limit the amount of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere and help reach a balanced state known as net zero.

Test your energy knowledge

Do you know how much electricity your fridge, oven, TV and washing machine use? Take our quiz to find out how to reduce your energy use and lower your emissions to help reach net zero.

Last updated: 26 May 2021