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Blog Post 2 January 2020 Updated 20 December 2023

2020 a new decade: ten years of progress

As we start a new decade, it’s clearer than ever that we’re running out of time. We need to take action to mitigate the climate emergency now.

The UK has officially adopted a target of 2050 to reach net zero carbon emissions, which means reducing the amount of emissions generated from heating our homes, using our cars, growing our food and generating energy across the board. This table indicates how much energy we need to save in different areas to reach a 2050 net zero target.


A decade’s worth of progress

We’ve already made great progress in reducing emissions from power generation, with more renewable energy in the grid than ever before. However, we’re still not acting fast enough when it comes to reducing demand for energy by making our buildings more energy efficient. You can see that reducing carbon emissions from heating is one of the major areas that we will need to tackle over the coming decade.

You can find more information on major changes that are coming to the heating market.

However, while there’s still work to do – we need to remember that we have already moved in the right direction. As we start a new decade, we thought it was worth looking back at some key measures around the generation and use of energy in the UK in 2010 compared to the latest figures.


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Last updated: 20 December 2023