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News 26 July 2021 Updated 10 September 2021

Achieving an active Scotland for all: ebikes, adapted cycles and bike shares

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Please note that this page contains information and links most relevant for people living in Scotland.

A past event supporting disabled, elderly and rural cycling

On Wednesday 25 August 2021, Energy Saving Trust hosted an afternoon of virtual presentations, panel discussions and a drop-in session that explored:

  • How we can enable access to cycling for everyone in Scotland.
  • How we can achieve an active nation and green recovery in an inclusive way.
  • How barriers to cycling are being tackled in Scotland and beyond.

Event resources

This page contains speakers and drop-in hosts’ biographies, copies of their slides and recordings of their presentations.

The event was funded by Transport Scotland and hosted by Energy Saving Trust.

Transport Scotland is the national transport agency for Scotland, delivering the Scottish Government’s vision for transport.

Energy Saving Trust is an independent organisation working to address the climate emergency. Our expert, impartial advice, funding and support can help you travel more sustainably across a range of different low carbon transport options.

As Energy Saving Trust is an independent and impartial organisation, terminology and views expressed during the event and across supporting materials may not necessarily reflect those adopted by Energy Saving Trust.

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Last updated: 10 September 2021