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Heating your home

Hybrid heat pumps


  • Suitable for properties with high heating demands
  • Able to maintain comfort during very cold weather
  • Can help to protect against fluctuating energy costs

You may be interested in installing a hybrid heat pump system if you’re looking for a lower carbon heating system or to reduce your energy bills but a standard heat pump installation isn’t suitable for you.

What is a hybrid heat pump?

The term ‘hybrid heat pump’ refers to a system that uses a heat pump alongside another heat source. Typically, it describes fitting a heat pump alongside a fossil fuel (gas, oil or LPG) boiler. This boiler could be an existing boiler, or you could be considering installing a new boiler at the same time as the heat pump.

Is a hybrid heat pump right for me?

There are several reasons an installer might suggest fitting a hybrid heat pump system:

Designing your hybrid heat pump system

The exact design and configuration will largely depend on the reason for choosing a hybrid heat pump system. However, regardless of the reason, your installer should provide running costs for the designed system, as well as assumptions of heat pump efficiency, boiler efficiency and fuel prices that were used in that calculation.

The exact configuration chosen is typically decided after discussion with your installer, during system design. The more cost-effective, or more carbon saving, configuration will depend on your home and heating needs. Your motivation for installing a hybrid may determine the most suitable configuration, but be aware that some installers may not offer all the options you might want to consider.

We always recommend that you get quotes from several installers, including their opinion on the most suitable system for the property and your requirements. Other considerations include the cost of maintaining a hybrid system, and for comparison, you will need to understand your current heating system running costs.

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