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Blog Post 24 November 2021

Are there electric vehicle incentives in your area?

Energy Saving Trust has developed the local incentives tool to help members of the public learn about electric vehicle (EV) schemes and incentives offered by their local authority.

We hope that by making this information accessible, more people will be encouraged to make the switch to EVs.

The tool highlights a variety of incentives and resources that are available to support the switch to EVs, such as discounted parking, use of bus lanes, and EV charging at park and ride stations. It also lists the number of accredited EV dealerships in a particular borough, where people can receive reliable advice about current EV technology to help them find the right vehicle for their needs.

Supporting businesses and individuals

The local incentives tool also includes information on what local authorities are doing to support local businesses as they transition to low carbon transport.

For example, Epping Forest is undertaking surveys to identify how it can further support taxis and minicabs in making the switch to electric vehicles, while York is offering electric bike loans to businesses through its iTravel York programme.

Below the map is a summary of all UK chargepoint statistics that shows which regions of the UK are leading the way in terms of EV charging infrastructure. So, how is your area doing?


Greater London is out in front with Westminster in first place, followed by Wandsworth, Hammersmith and Fulham, and Kensington and Chelsea in second, third and fourth place respectively. These boroughs already have more than 500 chargepoints each, and host between 182 to 392 chargepoints per 100,000 people.

Outside of London, Coventry leads the way, ranking fifth overall, with Milton Keynes and Brighton and Hove close behind, each hosting over 300 chargepoints. Also ahead of the curve are Cornwall, Leeds, Northumberland, Nottingham and Sunderland.


On the whole, Scotland is doing well with 10 of the top 50 regions in terms of total number of chargepoints installed.

Overall, the west coast of Scotland has slightly more chargepoints, with Glasgow and North Lanarkshire just ahead of Edinburgh, Fife and Dundee, though all are in the top 50 and have between 23 to 44 chargepoints per 100,000 of the population.

However, Highlands Council has pipped them all to the post and is number one in Scotland and number 18 overall for total number of chargepoints, breaking the trend of big cities leading the way on the installation of EV infrastructure with nearly 90 chargepoints per 100,000.


Most regions in Wales have over 50 chargepoints installed, with Gwynedd leading the way in terms of chargepoints per 100,000, closely followed by Powys (64.7 and 63.1 chargepoints per 100,000, respectively).

Northern Ireland

Belfast has the highest number of chargepoints (52), but Antrim and Newtownabbey have the most per 100,000 people (25.7), followed by Mid and East Antrim (20.1).

Developing charging infrastructure

This friendly comparison should help to encourage local authorities to ensure that their area is up to speed when it comes to developing EV infrastructure.

Tracking these numbers also allows us to monitor the growth of EV infrastructure, and importantly helps us identify which areas need more support to make the transition to EVs possible.

If you’re an EV driver, try the tool today to find incentives where you live. Or, if you work for a local authority and would like to update the information available for your region, please email us at

Last updated: 24 November 2021