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Blog Post 27 September 2021

Bike to School Week: top tips to get you ready to ride

Bike to School Week 2021 is taking place from 27 September to 1 October, encouraging families across the UK to cycle and scoot to school.

Run by the walking and cycling charity Sustrans with support from the Bikeability Trust, it’s a great way to celebrate the many advantages of active travel, including the positive impact on children’s health and wellbeing, as well as the environmental benefits.

To encourage everyone to cycle or scoot to school this week, over the next five days we’ll share our top tips to keep you safe on the road and ensure everyone can enjoy Bike to School Week. Keep checking our blog to make sure you don’t miss the latest tip!


Be prepared – plan your route ahead of time

Mornings are a busy time for parents and children, so why not get everything ready to go the night before? Pack school bags and leave helmets near the front door.

Make sure you plan your route ahead of time. Choose a flat, quiet route so that it’s suitable for everyone. You might be surprised how many quiet roads there are in your area that you can use to get to school.

Check out the National Cycle Network too – it’s a network of signed paths and routes for walking, cycling and wheeling.

We also recommend checking your bike before you cycle. Check your tyres are pumped up to the correct pressure, adjust your saddle to be comfortable and don’t forget to dress for the weather – multiple layers of clothing work best so you can warm up and cool down quickly.

Remember to check back for more top tips tomorrow!

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Last updated: 16 September 2021