Climate commitments from around the world

2 November 2021

We’ve summarised existing climate change commitments from eight nations across the world to find out who’s leading the way and who needs…

Energy Saving Trust and COP26: why does it matter?

1 November 2021

Today (1 November) marks the start of the global climate event COP26, hosted by the UK Government together with partner Italy, in…

COP26 and the climate emergency: what’s the story?

1 November 2021

How much do you know about the climate emergency and how to reduce your own emissions to help us reach net zero…

Agile Streets: overcoming barriers to electric vehicle adoption

29 October 2021

The Agile Streets project is developing a way to overcome two of the major barriers to electric vehicle adoption in the UK.

How to break into energy access

28 October 2021

We’ve put together some useful tips to help anyone who might want to get into the energy access sector but doesn’t know…

What is net zero and how can we get there?

20 October 2021

The term ‘net zero’ is starting to crop up in the news on an almost daily basis. But what does net zero…

Countdown to COP26: ambition needed to meet pace and scale of net zero transition

18 October 2021

In less than two weeks, the UK will host COP26, bringing together almost every country in the world to address issues related…

Air source heat pumps vs ground source heat pumps

12 October 2021

We took a look at the key differences between the two most common types of heat pumps - air source and ground…

Applying energy efficiency principles in your new kitchen

5 October 2021

Are you thinking about a new kitchen? If so, it might also be the time to consider replacing some of your old…

How our programmes are helping everyone address the climate emergency

1 October 2021

For National Inclusion Week, we’ve gathered highlights from the programmes we deliver that are working to support those who are often the…