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News 29 July 2021

Building our capacity, scaling up our impact

Our mission is to address the climate emergency. We have less than five years to get on the path to the Paris targets – otherwise they’ll be out of reach, with disastrous consequences.

So at Energy Saving Trust our strategy is to increase the pace and impact of our work to help ensure the UK stays on track to meet the Paris goals.

We’re already growing at 5-10 per cent each year but we want to go faster. We’re developing large-scale, step-change carbon-saving propositions for current and future clients. We’ll bid for more large-scale government contracts, including with cities and local authorities, targeting those who have already declared a climate emergency and therefore share our mission. At the same time we will continue to develop our products and services for non-government markets, with a focus on private sector clients looking to innovate to help others reach net zero targets.

We’ll also be investing in influencing, informing and supporting more consumers and householders to help them make sustainable energy choices. We’ve refreshed our brand and set out our mission, vision and values – now we need to get as many people on board with this as we can.

We reached 2.8 million people with our new website in 2020-21 and 1.4 million with our marketing and communications campaigns. We will keep building on this, encouraging more householders across the UK to take action and save carbon. And we’ll also be building on our strong track record in collaboration, working with stakeholders who align with our mission to get our messages across.

We are aiming for growth in all the areas where we work – energy efficiency, sustainable transport and small-scale renewables. We recognise the decarbonisation of heat as the next big step for the UK’s net zero transition and so this crucial area will be a particular focus.

"We’ve always done good things, but we’ve done them at the scale of 100s or 1,000s. There’s nothing wrong with that. But the climate emergency is accelerating, so the scale of the actions required to confront it needs to increase too. It means we need to do more. We need to reach more people. We need scale. The planet needs scale." Mike Thornton CEO, Energy Saving Trust

Last updated: 29 July 2021