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Efficient driving

Efficient driving is a driving style that reduces fuel bills, cuts carbon emissions and lowers accident rates.

It is about becoming a better driver, rather than sacrificing the performance or enjoyment of driving. For electric vehicles (EVs), efficient driving also brings greater vehicle range.

On-road training is the most effective way to improve efficiency. Training delivers average fuel savings of around 15% on the day and up to 6% in the long term. Energy Saving Trust no longer subsidises efficient driving training, however driver training is still available at commercial rates from many driver training companies and freelance trainers throughout the UK.

For business drivers looking to switch to electric vehicles, we offer online training about the issues, and EV ‘arrive and drive’ events.

Even if you’re not able to undertake training, you could still go a long way by adopting the following key efficient driving techniques:



Additional resources

We have produced 24 model-specific introductory videos for electric vehicles and three efficient driving case studies.

Watch our guide to driving electric vehicles (EVs) efficiently.

Last updated: 23 February 2022