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Taxis and private hire

Support in England

Through the Local Government Support Programme in England, we can offer help for local authorities looking to reduce emissions from their local taxi and private hire vehicle fleet and transition to electric vehicles.

We can help local authorities to impartially review draft licencing policies, host a driver survey, and deliver workshops for officers and councillors on electric vehicles and charging infrastructure options.

Support in Scotland

In Scotland, Energy Saving Trust offers free and impartial advice to help taxi and private hire operators choose the best low carbon vehicle options for their business.

We also provide advice and support to taxi and private hire operators, including ultra low emission vehicle adoption advice from our sustainable transport coordinators, the Switched on Taxis interest-free loan, the Low Emission Zone Retrofit Fund, as well as grants for charging infrastructure.

The free EV Life app is available to download for all electric vehicle drivers in Scotland. The app is part of a data collection project, funded by Transport Scotland and managed by Energy Saving Trust, designed to inform and shape Scotland’s future policy and infrastructure needs.

The COVID-19 Public Transport Retrofit Fund supports the installation of measures needed to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission on public and community transport in Scotland, including taxi and private hire vehicles.

For more information, please view our infographic on funding available for taxis and private hire vehicles in Scotland.

To find out more about these services, complete our online business enquiry form and one of our sustainable transport coordinators will be in touch.

Taxi and private hire case studies

Electric taxis can drive down costs, reduce emissions and offer an enhanced experience to customers. Explore examples of how operators have benefited by switching to electric.

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