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Energy Saving Week 2021

Northern Ireland

Location notice

Please note that this page contains information and links most relevant for people living in Northern Ireland.

Energy Saving Week in Northern Ireland kicks off on 22 November. Saving energy at home can reduce carbon emissions as well as energy bills – we’re inviting people, schools and organisations across Northern Ireland to join us in making a change.

Take the quiz to pick up energy saving tips

Test your energy saving knowledge with our quiz below. You’ll pick up some useful energy saving tips along the way – small changes really can make a big difference. 

The above statistics and information are to be used only for Energy Saving Week activity and are not to be used for other commercial purposes. These can be used in media communications provided the figures are not used to insinuate any endorsement of a particular product. Figures are based on fuel prices as of October 2021.

Please do not combine savings. Some savings directly affect the savings of others and may need to be re-calculated if combined.  

Energy saving figures are based on a typical gas heated three-bedroom semi-detached house with a gas price of 5.63p/kWh and electricity price of 20.33p/kWh.

Working in partnership to help Northern Ireland save energy

Throughout Energy Saving Week, Energy Saving Trust will bring organisations from across Northern Ireland together to share simple and effective tips to help households save energy, reduce their bills, and limit the impact of our energy use on the environment.

Energy Saving Week is sponsored by the The Housing Executive (Home Energy Conservation Authority) and run in collaboration with Bryson Energy, Choice Housing, Clanmil Housing, Radius Housing, Consumer Council NI, firmus energy, National Energy Action NI, NIFHA, Phoenix Natural Gas, Power NI, SGN Natural Gas, SSE Airtricity. 

Schools Challenge

As a part of Energy Saving Week, primary schools across Northern Ireland will be encouraged to take part in an energy saving challenge, via EcoSchools at Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful and in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Schools’ Energy Efficiency Awareness Programme (managed by The Housing Executive).

The schools will then collate the energy savings from each child and will receive a certificate from Energy Saving Trust to show how much carbon the school has saved overall.

Participating schools will have the chance of winning one of two prizes. The first-place prize will be for a school to take part in a tree planting activity sponsored by Phoenix Natural Gas. The second-place prize will include a trip to W5 in Belfast, sponsored by SSE Airtricity.

Last updated: 10 December 2021