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Fuel Poverty Awareness Day 2022

Friday 2 December is National Energy Action’s (NEA) Fuel Poverty Awareness Day 2022.

With energy bills having more than doubled since last year, it’s estimated that 6.7 million homes in the UK are now in fuel poverty. This number is set to increase to over eight million by April 2023.

What is the definition of fuel poverty?

It varies slightly depending on where you live.

In England, you’re considered to be in fuel poverty if:

  • the property you live in has an energy efficiency rating of band D or below and
  • after paying heating bills, your residual income (the amount of money left over after paying bills or other outgoings) is below the official poverty line.

In Scotland, you’re considered to be in fuel poverty if:

  • your fuel costs are more than 10% of your household’s net income and 
  • after deducting these costs, disability benefits and childcare costs, your remaining income is not enough to maintain an acceptable standard of living.

In Wales and Northern Ireland, you’re considered to be in fuel poverty if:

  • you need to spend more than 10% of your household income on fuel to heat your home to a satisfactory standard.

How can disabled people get help with their energy bills?

Disabled people are affected disproportionately by the cost-of-living crisis. From April 2023, 3.6 million disabled people will be in fuel poverty, but there's help available.

Find out more

Support and advice

There’s lots of advice and information on our website about the energy crisis and tips to help you save energy

Below are some extra resources to support you with your fuel bills based on where you live.

Other ways we’ve supported people

Energy Industry Voluntary Redress Scheme

Ofgem appointed us to distribute payments from companies that may have breached Ofgem rules. This is called the Energy Industry Voluntary Redress Scheme.

The scheme provides funding to registered charities, community interest companies, co-operative societies and community benefit societies to help them deliver energy related projects that benefit people in England, Scotland and Wales.

Many of the projects funded by the scheme support vulnerable households to save energy and money in their homes with advice, support and direct interventions. Find out if any projects have been funded in your area.

 Energy Redress Scheme grantees include:

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Last updated: 21 March 2023