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Aberdeen Air Source Heating Ltd
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Aberdeen Air Source Heating Ltd: adapting to the increasing demand for heat pump installations

Robert Devine and George Keith of Aberdeen Air Source Heating Ltd share the story of their journey into the renewable energy sector. Here they talk about the reasons behind transitioning from installing gas boilers to heat pumps.

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Please note that this page contains information and links most relevant for people living in Scotland.

Aberdeen Air Source Heating Ltd team. 3 members of staff.


To achieve the Scottish Government’s target of reaching net zero emissions by 2045, around one million on-gas homes will require emissions-free heating by 2030. Consequently, companies such as Aberdeen Air Source Heating Ltd have seen a growing demand for heat pump installations.

Situated in Portlethen, Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen Air Source Heating Ltd was founded three years ago by Robert Devine. The company specialises in offering design and installation services for heat pumps.  While installing heat pumps, it became apparent that Robert was unable to manage the workload on his own. George was employed to support and help grow the business. Robert said “The amount of people requesting a quote has been snowballing. There’s a growing realisation that heat pumps work.”

The company, now a team of five including two administrative staff, is thriving due to the growing awareness and demand for low-carbon heating technologies. Robert believes that heat pumps can be installed in most properties so long as the system is designed well.

He said “Any house can have a heat pump if the system is designed properly. We’ve put heat pumps into 200-year-old stone cottages and steadings. There are lots of buildings that you would think aren’t eligible for this kind of technology, but they will work if you install them properly.”

With an extensive background in the gas industry, Robert nurtured a growing interest and passion for renewable energy. His career initially focused on installing gas boilers. But his unwavering desire to completely transition to renewable energy sources led to a rapid shift once he completed an LCL awards qualification on installing heat pumps and achieving the Microgeneration Certification Standard (MCS). MCS certification is a mark of dedication to industry standards and quality, guaranteeing that both products and installation contractors meet recognised criteria.

To enhance his expertise in heat pump installations, Robert also completed many free manufacturer training modules to improve his understanding of this expanding field.

Installer installing a heat pump

Growing demand

With George joining the company, Aberdeen Air Source Heating Ltd started implementing streamlined procedures and expanding its business reputation. Recommendations through word of mouth and the launch of a new website played significant roles in their expansion.

Robert’s genuine passion for renewable technology and his dedication to a sustainable future have driven the company to new levels of job satisfaction and success.

Additionally, by bringing an experienced electrician on board, Robert had the opportunity to train them to assist with installations. The recent inclusion of a further seasoned industry professional with 35 years of experience has bolstered their team.

Installer looking at heating controls


Aberdeen Air Source Heating Ltd’s visibility primarily relies on word-of-mouth referrals and their website, with plans to expand their presence on social media. The future appears promising for Robert’s business, with his commitment to making a positive environmental impact and assisting customers in their own transition to renewable energy.

Despite the challenges they face, the team remains optimistic about the growing interest in heat pumps and the recognition of the effectiveness of this technology. Their long-term strategies involve embracing early adoption and establishing a strong reputation within the industry.

George said, “People will always need heating in their homes but they won’t always be able to have boilers and use fossil fuels. So it’s good to be established in the (renewables) industry now.”

Robert aims to inspire individuals to pursue a career in renewable technology rather than choosing gas alternatives. He believes the transition to installing heat pumps is straightforward for existing gas engineers, as they have many transferable skills, and he encourages others to make the change.

Robert said, “If you can install a gas or oil central heating system you can do it with a heat pump. The only difference is the heat pump is outside. If I can do it at my age, anyone can. I started the business at 51, which was a bit of a leap of faith, but I would recommend it to anybody.”

Robert’s journey shows that a successful renewable energy business not only brings financial prosperity but also has a substantial positive impact on the world.

If you’re considering transitioning to installing green heat energy sources, browse through our resources on our support for green heat installers page including our heat pump toolkit. You can also contact our team at

Last updated: 7 May 2024