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Broadland District Council
Case study

Broadland District Council

Broadland District Council target their Warm Homes campaign to reduce fuel poverty.


Broadland District Council in Norfolk uses funding from National Grid in their warm homes programme to retrofit the most vulnerable private homes with central heating, boilers and wall cavity insulation. These measures increase comfort in fuel-poor homes and provide energy advice and support to the homeowners and renters that need it most.


Knowing which homes to target and focus their campaign on was a vital starting point, as Broadland District Council had limited data to work with. This is where we could provide a solution with our unique data sets and data modelling expertise. Using the Home Analytics housing stock data service, which can give over 90 different data variables for their housing stock, allowed the council to pinpoint the homes most in need of support for their campaign.

“Home Analytics helped us target homes with the lowest EPCs and lack of central heating or energy-loss prevention measures.” Karen, environmental manager and warm homes programme manager Broadland District Council


The Home Analytics stock housing data is modelled across multiple data sets that have been rigorously updated by Energy Saving Trust for close to a decade, allowing it to deliver property characteristics from specific address level detail to the whole of Great Britain. In this case, Broadland District Council were able to pinpoint homes that did not have central heating, efficient boilers or wall cavity insulation.

Since the warm homes programme began using Home Analytics, Broadland District Council has identified and helped over 1,400 people, in addition to installing 125 central heating units in the private housing sector. They have also helped social housing with heat pump deliveries to reduce fuel poverty in critical areas.

Last updated: 7 May 2024