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Shoreham Vehicle Auctions
Case study

Electric vehicles at Shoreham Vehicle Auctions

Bringing electric vehicles to the remarket sector with Shoreham Vehicle Auctions.

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Shoreham Vehicle Auctions (SVA) is an independent vehicle auction located on the Lancing Business Park near Worthing, West Sussex.

SVA was founded in 1961 and has been in its current ownership since 2010. The business sells over 14,000 vehicles a year via both physical and online auctions simultaneously, on behalf of leasing, rental, and finance companies, franchised and non-franchised dealer groups, local authorities, and charities.

SVA primarily works on behalf of vendors to build strong and loyal buyer bases optimising trade values for its vendors. Using the latest technologies and underpinned by trust and high service levels, the company has built a national buyer base across the UK, from Orkney in the north to Jersey in the south.


SVA’s first experience with electric vehicles (EVs) was when the business was approached by a vehicle manufacturer’s finance arm looking to achieve remarketing success in their end-of-agreement Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe models at auction.

Michael Simmons, operations director at SVA, admits that both vehicle auction staff and trade customers knew very little about the vehicles. A lack of experience of driving and charging the vehicles would have further increased the challenge of auctioning the vehicles. After speaking to potential and past buyers of EVs, it was apparent that training and education was needed from the point of end of lease to the new retail owner driving off the forecourt.


The solution came about almost by chance. Michael attended a meeting at the National Association of Motor Auctions (NAMA), at which Energy Saving Trust spoke about electric vehicles and the knowledge the motor trade needs to effectively buy and sell used EVs.  

SVA agreed to host several training sessions in its boardroom at which delegates, from all aspects of the end-of-life change to retail experience chain. Transport companies, buyers, independent retailer admin’ staff and most importantly the sales person sell the vehicles.

Michael recalls the reactions to the training: one salesman stated how when they saw a customer standing next to the EV car, they would all hide, knowing that the customers would know far more about EVs than the sales team themselves.

He said: “The training from Energy Saving Trust’s experts was the solution to getting the cogs working. We cannot thank them enough for their support.”


Once attendees became knowledgeable, the change was incredible.

Most attendees have carried on their learning of the latest EV developments, which are changing all the time. Many wanted to discuss and increase their knowledge of EVs to sell to their customers. The training was well received by attendees who quickly gained confidence buying and selling EVs.

The training enabled SVA to bring EVs onsite and to sell them in general auctions just like any other vehicle.

What’s more, SVA has recently installed 43kW solar panels on the roof with 15 chargepoints to charge vehicles belonging to vendors, customers and staff. Staff and customers are confident discussing charging leads, connector types and battery lease transfers.

“We have seen start up EV retailers often without any motor trade experience. They are driven by their passion for EVs and the ‘green‘ benefits. It has been enjoyable to support them,” Michael added.

As SVA became established in the EV world, the business gained some new clients. In 2018, SVA was delighted to be awarded Fleet World magazine’s Innovation and Remarketing Award at the RAC club in London.

Michael and his team have come a long way since the start of their journey and are completely committed to their electric future.

SVA’s management and site team now drive electric cars, including a seven seat Nissan used to transport delivery drivers. Most recently, the business purchased two KIA EV6s with V2X capability, which means, in an emergency, they could be used as mobile chargers to rescue a stranded delivery driver who needs a quick charge.

SVA’s ambition is to become the first carbon neutral auction house. Solar panels and new chargepoints are just the start. It has a busy in-house restaurant called ‘The Pit Stop’, which the company plans to switch from gas to electricity that is generated on site. Three Tesla Power Banks will store enough energy to run its servers overnight, provide for all their vehicle charging, and return any excess energy to the grid.

“Fleet operators are switching to electric at pace and developing their own net zero plans. They will want their suppliers to be equally committed. SVA plans to be ready to help.”

– Michael Simmons, operations director

Last updated: 16 August 2022