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Case study


Improving emissions reduction with Greater London Hire (GLH) by undertaking an assessment to measure emissions and energy related to passenger distance.


GLH is an industry-leading, award-winning private hire company with a commitment to sustainability initiatives. They wanted to be able to compare one provider’s emission reductions and efficiency with another, but recognised that they were measured in different ways. Data gathering has typically been a complex process with many variables, so it has been difficult for the consumer to compare private hire vehicle companies on the basis of their economic and environmental performance.


Our transport team engages with organisations across a range of sectors, providing expert assessment of fleet vehicles and sustainable transport processes to help make financial and environmental savings.


We undertook an assessment to measure emissions and energy related to passenger distance. The study took 2016 data as a starting point, with further annual assessments in 2017 and 2020, with the aim of measuring and further improving emission reductions and energy efficiency. We also identified further improvements to data collection and management to feed into existing quality and environmental management systems.


We were able to improve data gathering so that the industry as a whole could be measured and more accurately compared on both economic and environmental performance in the future.

GLH can also now display our Fleet Emissions Assessed logo to show their customers that independent and impartial assessment has taken place, and provide their clients with meaningful and reliable feedback.

Last updated: 28 October 2020