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Lift Shift and Store
Case study

Lift Shift and Store

After winning an LDV competition in 2019, Lift Shift and Store have been using electric vans for their business ever since and haven't looked back.

Lift Shift and Store is a transport and storage company based in Strathaven, Scotland, founded in 2008 by brothers John and Mark O’Neill. Having initially thought that an electric van would not suit their businesses, the brothers now take pride in their LDV EV80 van.

Electric experience

Lift Shift and Store was delighted to win the LDV EV80 high-top panel van through an LDV competition in 2019, giving the company the opportunity to try an electric van despite not having considered it before. At first, the van drivers experienced range anxiety, but soon became confident doing 100 miles in the van and learnt to plan journeys optimally. Several different drivers use the van for last mile delivery services, covering around 6,000 miles a year. Lift Shift and Store typically carries furniture and the van’s 900kg payload is adequate for the work.

“We thought there was no chance an electric van would work for us. But now having used one for two years, we think it’s fantastic!”

John O’Neill, co-director, Lift Shift and Store

As well as its electric van, Lift Shift and Store operates three 7.5 tonne trucks and three 3.5 tonne Luton diesel vans.

Public charging

Lift Shift and Store charges its van mainly on the public chargepoint network. A 7kW chargepoint is conveniently located in a public car park near the company’s base. This helps advertise the business, with people getting in touch having seen their electric van plugged in.

“People are amazed you can get bigger electric vans. This is something small businesses need to know.”

John O’Neill, co-director, Lift Shift and Store

The electric van is capable of a round trip to Glasgow, approximately 30-miles away from base, on a single charge. But if the opportunity arises, the van driver will make use of a rapid chargepoint for a 10-minute range boost.

Lift Shift and Store has had a good experience of the public chargepoint network. However, the company has found that some bays are designed for cars and don’t always allow for the length or height of a commercial vehicle.


Lift Shift and Store immediately noticed how smooth and relaxing driving the electric van was, leaving drivers less stressed.

The company also found the electric van inexpensive to run. While electricity at most electric vehicle chargepoints in Scotland is currently free[1], even if they were paying for electricity, this would cost much less than diesel fuel, at around a third of the cost. In addition, the van is reliable, with the company finding that servicing costs are around a tenth of those for a diesel van. In Lift Shift and Store’s experience, the dealer servicing the van is also very knowledgeable about electric vans.

Driving an electric van has helped promote the business beyond advertising while charging. Being able to offer a low carbon service makes Lift Shift and Store attractive when tendering for business. The company has also been approached by a local climate action group to explore the opportunity of hiring the electric van out to other businesses.

Lift Shift and Store’s top tips for businesses looking to hire or purchase an electric van include:

  • Try it out – take an electric van for a drive and feel the difference. Lift Shift and Store believes every business should at least try an electric van.
  • Compare maintenance cost – find out how much you could save by switching to electric.
  • Consider your environmental impact – Lift Shift and Store believes all businesses should take this seriously.
  • Learn to maximise range – certain driving practices will allow you to drive further, for instance, driving at lower speeds on open roads.

By driving its electric van, Lift Shift and Store saves 1.9 tonnes CO2e a year, compared to a diesel van.

[1] Correct at time of writing in March 2021.

Future plans

Having had such a positive experience of using an electric van, Lift Shift and Store is looking to switch its Ford Connect van for the MAXUS eDeliver 3 in the near future. (LDV rebranded to MAXUS in 2020.) In the longer term, the company wants to see the public charging infrastructure grow, which will allow them to electrify their higher mileage Luton vans too.

For more information on Lift Shift and Store, or to contact the company about its electric van, visit

Last updated: 1 April 2021