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Neil Davidson
Case study

Neil’s ecargo cycle

Neil took advantage of the ebike loan fund to buy an ecargo cycle so he could avoid traffic on the school run.

Meet Neil

Neil and his family live in the west end of Glasgow. He works nearby, and his children attend a local school that’s a short distance from the family home. Neil recently bought an ecargo cycle using the interest-free ebike loan we provide.

Looking for an alternative to the car

Neil’s family already owned multiple bikes, however, he decided to buy an ecargo cycle so that he could use it as an alternative to the car when taking the kids to school. There aren’t any dedicated cycle lanes on their route, so he felt this would be safer than cycling with the kids on their own bikes.

He chose the R&M Multicharger, which looks like a standard ebike but has seats at the back so that his two children can comfortably fit on board.

He found the application process to be smooth and easy and didn’t encounter any challenges in getting the funding or making the purchase.

Enjoying the benefits 

Since purchasing the ecargo cycle, Neil has noticed a big reduction in his family’s car usage. He already cycled every day but has enjoyed the benefits of being able to take the children safely with him. Plus, the new route he takes through the park to get to school means he can avoid getting stuck in traffic and breathing in exhaust fumes.

He’s also used the ecargo cycle for short journeys that would have previously been made by car, such as running errands.

Neil has enjoyed the new cycle so much that he’s already racked up an impressive 400 miles despite the cold winter weather.

“I would recommend an ebike with a cargo version it’s a safe way to transport kids. I would also recommend buying from a local dealer so that you have aftercare support.”

Are you thinking about switching to sustainable transport? Find out more about the funding we offer on our grants and loans page.

Last updated: 23 April 2024