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Case study


Identifying the impact of LED lighting on energy saving product performance within a social housing context.


Lighting communal areas such as stairwells, corridors and car parks of social housing sites is essential for safety, but it can be both costly and carbon intensive. We investigated the potential of replacing traditional lighting with LEDs and the effect this may have on residents.


Utilising our extensive experience of product performance and verification with our evaluation methodologies, we looked to establish an impartial and comprehensive assessment of the potential for LED lighting.


We established a field trial to test product performance, compare operation and test the effectiveness of LED lighting within a social housing context.

Firstly, we monitored running hours and wattage of both the old and new lighting systems. Working closely with the lighting sector, we developed a performance specification to ensure that installed LEDs were high quality and measured the light output and colour temperature and any impact this may have on residents. We then interviewed residents to establish their satisfaction with the alternative LED lighting system and evaluated its impact on the environment.


The field trial showed that LED lighting could generate significant energy savings at the same time as delivering a far superior performance and experience for residents. The trial contributed to an acceleration in LED retrofits across the UK.

Last updated: 7 May 2024