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Climate talk at COP26

Bringing you the latest news on climate change from the COP26 summit in Glasgow, Scotland

Critical decisions need to be made in Glasgow over the next two weeks to address climate change and keep the global rise in temperatures to within 1.5 degrees.

We’ll be reporting from the event to give you Energy Saving Trust’s insight into key areas, including homes and buildings, transport, green finance and jobs, and energy access.

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View from the experts

Laura McGadie, our group head of energy, explains what net zero means and how we can get there.

View from the experts

Transitioning to low carbon homes is essential to reach net zero. Watch head of Home Energy Scotland Harry Mayers talk about how the UK is helping low-income households lower their emissions.

View from the experts

To reach net zero by 2050 we all need to play our part. Want to know what you can do? Watch our knowledge manager, Joanna O’Loan, explain how we can all make a difference.

Last updated: 15 November 2021