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Energy Saving Schools Challenge

Free teaching resources, suitable for classroom or remote learning, to help your students to learn how to address the climate emergency.

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Over the course of five lessons, students will explore what energy use is and how, through renewable energy, low carbon transport and home energy efficiency, it can play an important role in reducing carbon emissions. 

By the end of the challenge students will have created an energy saving action plan which will include a list of different things that they can do at home and in school to help reduce their energy use. 

Who is the challenge suitable for?

The challenge is aimed at students between 11 and 15 years old, these resources are great for tutor time, citizenship, geography lessons and personal, social, health and economic classes (PSHE).

What's included? 

  • Five lesson slideshows (PowerPoint)
  • A 26 page teacher handbook
  • One energy saving action plan worksheet. 

Fill in this form to download the energy saving schools challenge. 

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