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Press Release 20 April 2021 Updated 6 May 2021

Energy Saving Trust attains accreditation to CCA Global Standard

Energy Saving Trust has achieved accreditation to CCA Global Standard©, a globally recognised framework that assesses the reliability and effectiveness of customer service operations.

Achieving the award is particularly meaningful during these unprecedented times, where organisations are operating in a work from home or hybrid model. Commitment to the need to go above and beyond to meet customer needs while looking after employees is evident.

The accreditation is awarded by CCA Global Ltd, the global awarding body for the accreditation. The award identifies talent and capability, assesses ease of access across voice and remote channels, and provides a foundation for building better customer experience in a digital world.

Energy Saving Trust was assessed against key business principles of CCA Global Standard© including:

  • Customer service performance and operational effectiveness.
  • Employee focus: recruitment, selection and retention alongside learning and development strategies.
  • Legislation, regulation and policies affecting the operation.
  • Third-party and managed relationships along with implementing and managing relevant and new technologies.

To be recognised with the accreditation, Energy Saving Trust had to undergo a rigorous virtual assessment reviewing all aspects of the business. The assessment ensures the organisation actively follows the guidelines and meets the high standards required on a daily basis.

Anne-Marie Forsyth, chief executive of CCA, said: “The accreditation is a true reflection of the dedication and drive demonstrated by Energy Saving Trust in delivering consistency, efficiency and continual improvement for customers in today’s challenging times. For those seeking to transition to new operating models, it provides solid guidance on customer experience measurement, dealing with vulnerability, homeworking and other models, employee engagement and wellbeing.

“The commitment demonstrated in improving standards and customer experience supports CCA’s overall objective of improving the quality and standard of customer service and experience across all business sectors.”

Catriona Lamb, customer experience and quality manager at Energy Saving Trust, said: “We are pleased to attain this renowned accreditation award. CCA is an important professional network for customer service throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond. Achieving the CCA Global Standard© accreditation demonstrates the highest standards in delivering excellence when servicing our customers and we are extremely proud of the part everyone across the organisation has played in achieving this.”

Energy Saving Trust

Energy Saving Trust is an independent organisation dedicated to promoting energy efficiency, low carbon transport and sustainable energy use. We aim to address the climate emergency and deliver the wider benefits of clean energy as the UK transitions to net zero.

We empower householders to make better choices, deliver transformative programmes for governments and support businesses with strategy, research and assurance – enabling everyone to play their part in building a sustainable future.

About CCA

CCA Global is the provider of choice for organisations seeking continuous improvement in customer service excellence, together with a progressive approach to the development of customer experience strategy.

We help Boards think differently about their business bringing a fresh perspective to longstanding customer service challenges and envisioning a new way forward.

CCA has a unique market position in providing assurance around business planning, understanding customer behaviours, evolving service excellence and future scenario planning.

Our objective is to build on your and your organisation’s strengths to ensure that the entire workforce is motivated and well supported to meet changing customer expectations.

All service offerings are created using expert collaboration methodologies of the CCA expert network, honed over 25 years by peers like you in leading brands across private and public sectors.

CCA Global Standard© has a proven track record of being a comprehensive and effective toolkit in diagnosing and solving challenges in delivering customer experience. Hundreds of major brands have adopted its methodology and reported tangible benefits particularly in fostering a clearer enterprise wide understanding of the actual customer service purpose and how this should be measured. In essence adoption of CCA Global Standard© provides reassurance that you are doing the right thing by customer.

Last updated: 6 May 2021