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News 12 October 2021

Energy Saving Trust joins campaign calling for affordable electric heat pumps

Energy Saving Trust today (Tuesday 12 October) has joined the Electrify Heat campaign to advocate for clean and climate friendly heat for the UK.

The campaign group, which includes 10 other businesses, climate and consumer focussed groups, has launched ahead of the UK Government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy, Net Zero Strategy and COP26 climate event, at a crucial moment in UK energy policy.

The Electrify Heat campaign is the first of its kind in the UK and is calling for the fastest possible switch to affordable, zero carbon, clean and safe heating for UK homes, through the widescale adoption of electric heat pump technology.

Moving households away from fossil fuel heating systems like oil and gas boilers towards clean, low carbon heating will play a vital part in reaching the UK’s net zero target and helping address the climate emergency.

Mike Thornton, chief executive of Energy Saving Trust, commented: “With the climate emergency upon us, there is no time to waste and we need to take positive action. We have to make our homes more energy efficient and move away from reliance on fossil fuels for heating.

“Heat pumps are an important low carbon heating technology that will help us meet net zero. For the UK to reach its net zero targets, we need real pace and scale in rolling out heat pumps. This campaign will demonstrate the benefits of heat pumps and help people switch over to low carbon heating in their homes.

“It is also needed to push for the policies from government that will provide the confidence, clarity and certainty which will unlock the investment required for this transition to happen.”

The Electrify Heat campaign is calling on the UK Government to make key changes, including:

  • Making the UK a global economic powerhouse for low carbon heat by driving manufacturing and green innovation across the country’s substantial boiler manufacturing base.
  • Rewarding and incentivising people to choose a low carbon heating source, as additional costs on electricity bills currently disadvantage those who choose a heat pump over a gas boiler.
  • Protecting low income and fuel poor households against energy price changes as transition away from fossil fuel heating systems.
  • Ensuring households feel informed, engaged and protected, as sustained public support will be essential for a successful and affordable transition to a low carbon future.
  • Financial incentives, including zero VAT on green home products.
  • Making heat pumps a more attractive consumer offer by further driving down upfront costs.

Read the full statement, including a list of other members, here.

Last updated: 12 October 2021