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News 17 March 2020 Updated 26 January 2021

Energy Saving Trust leadership statement on our Covid-19 response

The spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) brings challenges for us all but Energy Saving Trust remains focused on our mission to address the climate emergency.

These are uncertain times but we are still able to influence some things. One of them is to ensure that we will do everything within our power to maintain the high levels of service you’d expect from Energy Saving Trust.

We have a plan in place to ensure our product, programme and service delivery continue despite changes brought about by the response to Covid-19. As an organisation, we will continue to deliver programmes and provide advice, information and support across the UK and internationally.

Recent Covid-19 developments now mean our internal working practices have changed. Energy Saving Trust has made the transition to remote working for as long as may be necessary. Many of our workforce have already worked flexibly and across multiple locations for a number of years. We have the technology available to us to maintain our output, including video conferencing alternatives to replace face-to-face meetings where necessary.

We continue with our work and remain productive, effective and focused.

Last updated: 26 January 2021