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Let’s Energise Solar Skills

@EforA_Coalition Twitter Spaces, 15 July 2022, 2-2.45pm

Event details:

  • @EforA_Coalition, Twitter Spaces
  • 15 July 2022
  • 2-2.45pm

This World Youth Skills day, Efficiency for Access will host a Twitter Spaces event to explore how to equip young people with skills for employment and entrepreneurship in the solar appliance sector. This event will bring together voices from the solar appliance sector and energy access to discuss key questions in the form of a virtual panel discussion. It will explore the following themes:   

  • How a skilled and qualified workforce can help boost growth in the solar appliance sector and accelerate a just and inclusive clean energy transition.  
  • Possible ways to strengthen the solar appliance sector workforce.  
  • Innovative ways to expand access to lifelong learning opportunities through education and training.  
  • Empowering young people with the skills and experience to create appliances for remote and rural communities. 

To take part, visit Efficiency for Access’ Twitter handle at 2 pm BST on the day!

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Jakub Vrba, Senior Research Analyst – Energy Access, Energy Saving Trust, co-Secretariat, Efficiency for Access, Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees, 2050 Climate Group 

Event Hashtag: #EnergiseSolarSkills 


  • Zainab Sajjad, participant in the Efficiency for Access Design Challenge 2021 – 2022 and student at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan
  • Nashwa Nauwad, Programme Office, Ashden
  • Olumide Idowu (Mr Climate), Climate Change activist, Ambassador to African Youth Climate Hub and social media expert

Last updated: 7 July 2022