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Tackling fuel poverty: the way forward

Online, 31 August, 9am - 3.05pm

Event details:

  • Online
  • Wednesday 31 August
  • 9am - 3.05pm

The Government set a 2025 Fuel Poverty Target for improving energy performance, aiming to protect vulnerable households and not leave behind any fuel poor homes. This event will look at how these goals can be achieved and examine the strategies for overcoming the crisis.

Abby Ward, policy and communications officer, will deliver a keynote at 9.40am on ‘assessing fuel poverty strategies across the UK and examining initiatives to protect fuel poor households’. Abby will discuss the different approach required to address the fuel poverty challenge across the four nations, and investigate the recent changes to households, energy systems, and policy ambitions.

This event aims to highlight the regional differences of fuel poverty and the contributing factors of household income, fuel costs, and energy consumption, and evaluate how to support those most at risk alongside maintaining progress towards the net-zero emissions targets.

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Last updated: 16 August 2022